How do your sessions work?

First we will meet to discuss what you would like to achieve and how this could be worked towards.

Then I will work with the child to address the need. 

With tutoring I can update you with progress and the learning plan can be adapted as the sessions progress.

What can I get help with?

I have a great deal of experience of various barriers to learning.

The child may find that they want help with concepts, or there may be a need which we will build strategies for so that they can succeed.

Is there a minimum amount of sessions?

Simply, no.

Once we have discussed what is needed, I can estimate the time it could take. 

Do you cater for groups?

Due to the current issues, groups would need to be carefully constructed.

Where can the sessions take place?

Sessions have taken place in a variety of places - after school, in the home or in the garden.

I am flexible and am sure we can find a place that suits both the child and my commitments.

How far will you visit?

Depending on my appointments, I can visit the North Somerset area easiest.  Bristol and South Gloustershire is possible.  Please contact me as my job takes me to various parts of the area.